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Stars Over Mystic: Star Lore

June 30, 2017

“Star Lores”: A Multicultural Approach to the Night Sky

We invite you to join us as we kick off our “Stars Over Mystic” series with a look at the night sky through diverse lenses. Here at the Treworgy Planetarium, a number of our recent programs have explored the constellations as seen by different cultures around the world. As we demonstrate how different peoples can look at the same arrangements of stars and see a variety of shapes, you can decide for yourself which ones you like best!

The program begins with the presentation of the topic for that evening, followed by a brief indoor star show highlighting current events in the evening sky. Afterward, if weather permits, the indoor program will be followed by an outdoor observation session using the Planetarium’s telescopes. If weather is not favorable, the indoor star show will be extended.