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Stars Over Mystic: The Great American Eclipse

August 11

Lights Out! The Great American Eclipse

On August 21, a wondrous total solar eclipse will arc across the United States. The “path of totality” runs diagonally across our nation, from Oregon in the northwest down to South Carolina in the southeast. Connecticut, which lies outside of that “path of totality,” will still experience over 75 percent of the sun being blocked out for a brief portion of that day. Join us to learn about what causes an eclipse, and how to safely enjoy these rare, unique occurrences.

The program will begin with the presentation of the topic for that evening, followed by a brief indoor star show highlighting current events in the evening sky. Afterward, if weather permits, the indoor program will be followed by an outdoor observation session using the Planetarium’s telescopes. If weather is not favorable, the indoor star show will be extended.