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Stars Over Mystic

July 28

Trappist-1 and the Search for Exoplanets (July 28)

Is there life out there? In recent years, advanced technology has given us a glimpse into distant planets that are “Earth-like” in their distance from their mother star. In February of 2017, NASA made the ground-breaking announcement that a star called Trappist-1 has SEVEN “Earth-like” planets orbiting around it. Tonight, we will update the latest news on exoplanets, to stir your imagination about what lies beyond, in the deeper reaches of our galaxy!

Programs will begin with the presentation of the topic for that evening, followed by a brief indoor star show highlighting current events in the evening sky. Afterward, if weather permits, the indoor program will be followed by an outdoor observation session using the Planetarium’s telescopes. If weather is not favorable, the indoor star show will be extended.