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Traditional Celestial Navigation using HO249

May 5 - May 6

A fast-paced introduction to standard celestial navigation as it was practiced in the second half of the 20th century, before the introduction of electronic tools like calculators and other computing devices. Pure paper and pencil methods using tables like H.O.229 and H.O.249 and three-star plots for a fix by the “intercept method”. Details of the modern Nautical Almanac and the more-useful Air Almanac.

This workshop is ideal for the navigator, who wants a pure, technology-free, traditional version of celestial navigation founded on the principles preferred by ocean-going mariners from about 1960 to 1990. Weather permitting, class participants will have opportunities to experiment with sextant observations. This is real navigation, not just a class about navigation. Fast and intense, students who complete this class will have the basic celestial navigation skills to sail entirely by the sun and stars using a sextant, navigational tables, and a few other simple tools.

Requirements: Basic addition and subtraction, good familiarity with latitude and longitude. Recommended for ages 13+