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May 2017

New! Traditional Celestial Navigation using HO229

May 27 - May 28
Treworgy Planetarium

A fast-paced introduction to standard celestial navigation as it was practiced in the latter half of the 20th century, before the introduction of electronic tools like calculators and other computing devices. Pure paper and pencil methods using tables like H.O.229 and H.O.249 and three-star plots for a fix by the "intercept method". Details of the modern Nautical Almanac and the more-useful Air Almanac. This workshop is ideal for the navigator who wants a pure, technology-free, traditional version of celestial navigation…

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June 2017

New! Advanced Modern Celestial Navigation

June 3 - June 4
Treworgy Planetarium

Explore the underlying concepts and math of celestial navigation including spherical triangles, exact azimuth calculations, great circle distance, ex-meridian sights, and other exotic topics. We'll learn refined methods for taking sights and eliminating the smallest errors in sextant observations. We'll explore the principles behind various methods of sight reduction as well as calculator-based azimuth calculations. Forward-looking, modern, and calculator-based, this workshop is an excellent sequel to our "Modern Celestial Navigation". We'll also look at position-fix by lunars and artificial satellites.…

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Easy Introductory Celestial Navigation

June 10 - June 11

An easy introduction to the basic principles of celestial navigation from a modern perspective designed for yachstmen and recreational boaters as well as long-distance hikers and cross-country explorers. Also appropriate for anyone interested in a quick overview of the science of celestial navigation. This class covers the classic, time-honored method of finding latitude by Noon Sun and longitude by observations before and after noon (including frequently neglected corrections for motion of the observer). We'll also learn how to use the…

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Celestial Navigation: 19th-Century Methods

June 13 - June 15

Learn celestial navigation from the historical perspective of the Age of Sail.

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Modern Celestial Navigation

June 17 - June 18

This is not your grandparents’ celestial navigation! A fast-paced introduction to celestial navigation from a 21st century perspective. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to adjust and use sextants available on the market today. We’ll learn streamlined calculations using a common handheld solar-powered calculator. This workshop is designed especially for yachtsmen and recreational boaters. If you’re dreaming about a trans-oceanic voyage or circumnavigation, in this workshop you’ll learn all the techniques to determine latitude and longitude anywhere on…

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Stars Over Mystic: Star Lore

June 30

We invite you to join us as we kick off our "Stars Over Mystic" series with a look at the night sky through diverse lenses.

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July 2017

Stars Over Mystic: Rediscovering Pluto

July 14
Treworgy Planetarium

Tonight is the two-year anniversary of the New Horizons Pluto flyby , we will look back to see how much we've learned!

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Stars Over Mystic: The Search for Exoplanets

July 28
Treworgy Planetarium

In February, NASA made the ground-breaking announcement that a star called Trappist-1 has SEVEN "Earth-like" planets orbiting around it.

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August 2017

Stars Over Mystic: The Great American Eclipse

August 11
Treworgy Planetarium projector

On August 21, a wondrous total solar eclipse will arc across the US - learn how to safely enjoy this rare, unique occurrence.

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Stars Over Mystic: The Analemma

August 25

Did you ever notice that sundials don't always line up with the time on our watch or smartphone?

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