Take a downriver cruise aboard our 1908 steamboat SABINO.

Take your Mystic Seaport experience to the next level and charter a private boat ride for your family and friends. From an overnight aboard  61-foot schooner with billowing sails to a sunset ride down the river aboard a steamboat, Mystic Seaport offers unique charter options that guarantee lifelong memories. Charters do not require Museum admission.


BrilliantExperience the adventure and challenge of sailing a 61-foot schooner with a group of your family and friends. Visit quiet anchorages and popular tourist destinations along the New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts coasts and islands while learning to sail a classic vessel.

Charters are available for teens in the summer and for adults in the spring and fall. Learn more »



Board our 1908 steamboat Sabino for a unique ride along the waterfront of Mystic Seaport or on a cruise down Mystic River.

The Museum’s National Historic Landmark vessel just completed a two-year restoration. This popular sight along the Mystic River will be operational again this summer! Help support her mission by going on an afternoon or evening cruise down to the mouth of the river and back to Mystic Seaport. Sabino is the one of the last remaining coal-fired steamboats still in operation in the country. This leads to a silent, peaceful ride to get to know the sites along the Mystic River. Learn more »



Cruise aboard Encore for three hours around Fishers Island Sound to see lighthouses, cottages, and (hopefully) harbor seals. Learn about the history, geology, and natural history of the area.

Encore is a converted and restored swordfishing boat. During Prohibition, Rum Runners were seaworthy fishing vessels, which were repowered to outrun the Revenue Cutter Service, today’s U.S. Coast Guard. Encore was originally built for long fishing voyages in the rough Atlantic Ocean. Rum Runners would have to “runout” to Rum Row which was 3 miles from shore to pick up spirits on ships anchored outside of the reach of the U.S. Government. Learn more »


This 23-foot sailboat carries 2-4 passengers and can be chartered for a sail in Fishers Island Sound. Sit back and relax while the captain steers, or get involved and help set sail for your adventure. Email at least 48 hours in advance to schedule your charter. Available June 1 to mid-October. $400 members / $425 non-members to charter the boat for up to 6 hours.