Stars Over Mystic Summer Series 2017

The Treworgy Planetarium is pleased to announce its five-part Stars Over Mystic Series for 2017. Programs will begin with the presentation of the topic for that evening, followed by a brief indoor star show highlighting current events in the evening sky. Afterward, if weather permits, the indoor program will be followed by an outdoor observation session using the Planetarium’s telescopes. If weather is not favorable, the indoor star show will be extended.

Programs begin at 8:30 p.m.

This summer’s schedule of evening series topics will be:

Friday, June 30 – “Star Lores”: A Multicultural Approach to the Night Sky

Friday, July 14 – New Horizons: Two Years (and counting) of Rediscovering Pluto

Friday, July 28 – Trappist-1 and the Search for Exoplanets

Friday, August 11 – Lights Out! The Great American Eclipse

Friday, August 25 – The Analemma and the Equation of Time