Additional On-site Programs

We encourage you to add a roleplayer, chantey singing, or a boat or horse and carriage ride to your guided tour or self-guided visit. These activities can be tailored to suit all grade levels.

Roleplaying Program

Learn about the 19th century from a Museum roleplayer.The educational medium of first-person interpretation is honed to an art form within the Roleplaying Program at Mystic Seaport. Based in the country’s centennial year of 1876, the research performed by each staff member over the course of nearly a year becomes an individual composite profile. The Museum’s Costume Shop then uses this profile to build a historically accurate wardrobe for each character, whether that be a whaling captain’s wife or a steamboat oiler. Mystic Seaport’s roleplayers meld documented facts with historical perspectives to create an experience with the past that can only be had face to face.

Music Programs

Sing along with the Museum's chantey staff.Music of the Sea and Shore

Sing along with one of Mystic Seaport’s renowned musician educators. Our chantey staff can bring your curriculum to life with stories told through music. From the working music of the deep water sailors and coastal fisherman, to the tales of westward expansion through our inland waterways, to the cultural influences of music brought from far-flung ports, America’s rich musical heritage owes much to the way in which seafarers and river mariners carried music, musical instruments, and musicians from place to place.

Students are invited to become crew members as they join in a chorus, picture the events in a ballad or use a chantey as a tool to help accomplish hard work like raising sail.

The Charles W. Morgan at Chubb's WharfMusic on the Morgan

The Charles W. Morgan is the last remaining wooden whaleship in the world – and she is at Mystic Seaport! The vessel’s long career covered a significant period of American history as the nation moved from whale oil to petroleum for fuel and lubricants. This interactive music program traces this history and the Morgan’s role within it.

Take a Boat Ride into History

See Mystic Seaport from a different vantage point while enjoying a waterfront tour aboard a launch.

See the Mayflower II in the Mystic Seaport Shipyard

Mayflower II in the Museum's Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard

We are continuing our collaborative project with Plimoth Plantation to restore and repair the Mayflower II, a full-scale reproduction ship owned by Plimoth Plantation. The Education Department at Mystic Seaport is offering a special opportunity for school groups to see the Mayflower II while she is here as part of our regular Seaport Sampler and Voyage to America tours. While students will be able to see the Mayflower II hauled out, there is no guarantee that they will be able to go on board due to the work being done on the vessel.