Virtual Programs

Visit Mystic Seaport without leaving your classroom!

The programs below use straightforward video conferencing technology and state-of-the-art equipment in our production studio at Mystic Seaport Museum.


Virtual Programs

Virtual Roleplayer Program

Transport your students into the past from the comfort of your own classroom! In this program, students will meet one of our three role-players who specialize in bringing their 1876 characters to life via our digital classroom platform, Zoom. Several themed programs are available including immigration, whaling, and life ashore.

Cabinet of Curiosities Virtual Program

Insects used to create the color red? A toothed rostrum from a strange sea creature? An outlandish ceremony at sea where King Neptune himself makes an appearance!? Learn about all of these unusual things and more in this trip into the Museum’s “Cabinet of Curiosities.” Students will learn how to analyze unique primary sources that most people never get to see.

Scrimshaw – the Sailor’s Art: Hands-On Program

Encourage your students to get their hands dirty in this virtual art class! Learn about the unique sailor’s art of scrimshaw in this interactive program. A Museum Educator will showcase scrimshaw from our collection, and then students will be able to create their own piece of scrimshaw right in the classroom. Materials provided in advance by Mystic Seaport.

History Detectives: Primary Source Inquiry

For those who would like to do one of our primary source workshops but can’t make it to the Museum, this year we are offering a new virtual primary source workshop! Broadcast live from our Museum Studios into your classroom, a Museum Educator will guide students through the analysis of primary source documents and artifacts to help develop their historical thinking skills. Themes include Whaling and Life in A Seaport Town.

 From Corsets to Coopers: Primary Sources from 19th-Century Whaling

This program features artifacts and documents that illustrate the whaling industry, including historic video clips of the last remaining wooden whaling vessel in the world, the Charles W. Morgan.

Sailor’s Sea Chest

In this virtual version of one of our most beloved school outreach programs, students will explore the items that a sailor would have packed for a long journey at sea. Your students will analyze each of the objects with a Museum Educator and learn about the adventures onboard 19th-century vessels.


Preparing For Your Virtual Program with Mystic Seaport

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