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When This You See, Remember Me

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When This You See, Remember Me: The Photography of
Everett Scholfield and George Tingley
R.J. Schaefer Building
January 19, 2019-June 23, 2019

“When This You See, Remember Me,” in the R.J. Schaefer Building, explores advances in photographic technology and techniques in late 1800s studio photography, from the perspective of both the sitter and the photographer.

Drawing on thousands of portraits in the Museum collection by local photographers Everett Scholfield and George Tingley, the exhibit also features their original backdrops, cameras, coupons, and ads. Visitors will be able to practice composing a scene viewed upside down through a camera, consider the importance of good light in the pre-electric age, and experiment with props and poses.

The exhibit brings us face-to-face with portraits of those who walked the Mystic streets before us, including people of different backgrounds – African American, Asian, Native American – various occupations – woodcutter, clock maker, musician – and of all life stages, from infants to elders.