One year and one day

One year and one day from now, July 21, 2013, the Morgan will be launched. This will be a significant milestone in her over five year restoration and eventual 38th Voyage. From a day-to-day perspective, excellent progress is being made on all aspects. The cant frames, which form the shape of the bow, have been replaced as have the stem and the apron, which sits on top of the stem. These are two large pieces, each weighing more than 1,600 pounds. Placed together with a scarf joint, they run from the keel to just under the bowsprit. Their installation permits the shipwrights to affix new planks to the hull in the bow structure. Installation of the bulwark ceiling has commenced.

Similar progress is also apparent in the stern. The transom timber and the two quarter timbers are in place as are three of the tail feathers. The pace of installation of new planking continues with three or more planks being installed each week. Caulking of the new material is ongoing. A Master Caulker, who specializes in caulking, is on the scene, which is reminiscent of how it was done in 1841 when “caulking gangs” rotated among the shipyards.

The search for new materials is ongoing. Because of the recent tropical storm in the south, a truckload of southern longleaf yellow pine was delayed. Hopefully this will be received by the end of July. The first shipment of new spars will be delivered in September and about one half of the new hemp for the rigging has arrived. The mainmast foretop is on the floor of the main shed. Some new material has been added and work on the foremast top will begin soon.