Planking and work on the transom

This past week four new planks were installed, continuing good progress. These planks are somewhat narrower than previous ones, thus they are easier to install. Planking is the largest component of the project, absorbing the most manpower and materials, and has progressed far enough so that the shipwrights will be resetting the scaffolding to permit work higher up in the hull. The newly reset scaffolding will also facilitate work on the so-called “zipper line” of futtocks to be replaced in the frames. Thirty five to forty new futtocks will be installed, which will eliminate the zipper line and dramatically strengthen the hull.

Work on the transom is proceeding. As reported previously the 2,000 pound transom timber is in place. A transom rider has been added and the two quarter timbers and eight tail feathers are in place completing the framing of the upper part of the stern. Fairing of the quarter timbers and the tail feathers has commenced. This will prepare the transom for planking.