Planning for the 38th Voyage

Installation of the planking continues to be the primary focus of the shipwrights. Both port and starboard forward garboard planks have been placed. These planks have a significant twist in their form which made shaping them quite a challenge. The transom timber is nearing completion and will be installed next week. This is a very heavy piece so the shipwrights will need assistance from a crane. The transom timber came from the stock found at the Charlestown Navy Shipyard. We believe it was cut in 1868 and was growing for 200 years before that. Meanwhile a full effort is being made to fashion the hundreds of trunnels which will be used to fasten the vessel’s planking. Quentin Snediker, Director of the Shipyard, will be travelling to Georgia this week in search of more longleaf pine while milling of stock on hand continues.

Planning for the 38th Voyage is well underway. Watercraft area personnel are focused on sailing the Morgan. This activity ranges from selection of safety equipment to meet Coast Guard requirements, to determining the stability of the ship and designing an appropriate ballasting scheme. The itinerary of the voyage is taking form. Susan Funk, Executive Vice President of the Museum, spoke with the Interpretation Department this week about the voyage. Although it is subject to change, the current plan is for the Morgan to depart in May 2014 to New London where final fitting out will take place. She will sail for Newport, Rhode Island, then on to Martha’s Vineyard. Her next port of call will be New Bedford, Massachusetts. After transiting the Cape Cod Canal, the Morgan will lie off Provincetown, Massachusetts, in preparation for a visit to Stellwagen Bank. After journeying to Boston, the Morgan will return via the Cape Cod Canal during the Canal’s 100th Anniversary celebrations and arrive home in August.

Each port visit will have a theme. For instance in New London it will be “Preparing for a Voyage” and a celebration of New London’s whaling heritage. In New Bedford the theme will be “Life in a Homeport” and the whaling industry. At Stellwagen Bank we will focus on a contemporary perspective of whales and whaling. The itinerary may also include a final port visit in New York City.