Replacing the futtocks in the zipper line

Planking remains on hold while the shipwrights replace the futtocks in the zipper line. This step is necessary to reinforce the Morgan‘s framing in anticipation of her 38th Voyage and return to Chubb’s Wharf. Ten futtocks on each side of the vessel will be replaced. This process will be completed on one side of the vessel in about two weeks’ time and planking will then recommence. Work on the bow’s inner bulwark planking is progressing well. One plank remains to be installed on the starboard side and the port side is half done. Work on the transom was delayed as the shipwrights assigned where diverted to undertake necessary repairs on the Roann. She is now good and work on the transom will start again next week. Two of Morgan‘s between deck knees are partially fastened and a third knee will be placed soon.

In their effort to keep the hull and new planking wet, the shipwrights have erected a tent around the lower hull. The misting system inside has proven to be very effective, maintaining a high level of humidity. It will be moved up the hull as more new strakes are placed. Work on recaulking the main deck will commence soon. Generally the deck is in good condition but there is some leaking. Planks in high traffic areas will also be replaced. Hopefully a new stock of southern long leaf pine has been found. Some trees have been identified in Georgia which appear to have the necessary dimensions. However, we won’t be certain until they are felled and the thickness of the heartwood at the core of the tree underneath the sapwood can be measured. Fourteen to 16 inches of thickness is required.