The jib crane arrives

The shipwrights and riggers, assisted by a commercial portable crane operator, installed the jib crane last week. The jib crane will be used to lift heavy timbers for the forward part of the vessel. Taking advantage of the crane’s presence, they also installed the apron in the bow structure. The apron is a substantial piece of live oak from Pas Christian, Mississippi. The tree was a victim of Hurricane Katrina and was leaning on a house before it was carefully removed.

Thirty-seven planks have been placed, although the pace slowed somewhat because of focus on the apron and jib crane installation. The tempo will increase again this week. More white oak from western Virginia has been delivered. We expect 16 longleaf logs to arrive soon. As the planking progresses further up the hull, the shoring used to support the vessel is constantly being shifted. The lower shoring was removed to permit access to the lower planks. With the lower planks now replaced, the shoring has been moved back to the lower hull and shoring higher up on the hull temporarily removed.

In anticipation of the sail, the shipwrights and naval architect are laying out the lower hold placement of power, head spaces and holding tanks. Replacement spars are on order, as is the running gear.