Zipper Line Complete

Restoration of the zipper line is complete, correcting the less than optimal staggering of the futtocks which make up the framing near the waterline. This step was necessary to ensure the proper strength of the hull for the Morgan’s 38th Voyage and for display at Chubb’s Wharf with partial sail set. With this important milestone the shipwrights will start the final placement of exterior planking on the hull. Meanwhile 5 of the 10 hanging knees have been set. They are through fastened with cast iron rivets salvaged from the tiger cages at the old Memphis, Tennessee, zoo. Finding additional knees is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. A large piece of Katrina live oak was milled, but rot pockets were discovered and this piece will have to be discarded. Several other candidates for knees have been identified, however.

Two ends of one of the mid-deck beams will be fitted with white pine recycled from other vessels. Usually the deck beam is a solid piece, but because the ends often decay faster than the center section of the beam, the shipwrights will marry the salvaged material using a strong scarf joint. Work on rebuilding the foc’sle has commenced and the stern is being closed in. Part of this process includes the fabrication of a new rudder box. This is a watertight trunk for the rudder stock. The hurricane house will be fitted with a new canvas cover.

In preparation for her 38th Voyage, naval engineers are designing the power and navigation/communication systems. A master caulker and team is fast at work recaulking the main deck. We expect delivery of the first of the new spars soon.