Fitting Out Continues Apace

Fitting out of the Charles W. Morgan continues apace. Platforms for the machinery, including a generator and emergency diesel for pumps, are nearly finished. The machinery and fore-top will be placed using a crane in the next two weeks. The windlass will be installed shortly using another crane brought in to remove the sticks from Cangarda. Spot caulking of the main deck is being undertaken. Approximately six planks have been or will be replaced in various locations. Many deck fasteners will be reset and the bungs renewed. The bunks in the fo’c’sle are back in place and repairs to the captain’s cabin are well underway.

Various yards are being shaped in the Main Shed. Some ballast will be shifted in the hold. However, little additional ballast will be placed in the vessel until she arrives in New London. A final incline experiment will be done there to calculate her stability and additional ballast will be taken on if required. Measurement of the Morgan‘s interior volume is progressing to calculate measurement tonnage. A vessel’s interior volume determines her gross tonnage which in turn impacts manning levels, a key component in preparation for the 38th Voyage.