Moving the Morgan

On Monday, June 24, the shipwrights will start the process of moving the Morgan sideways onto the main pad tracks leading to the shiplift. On Wednesday, June 26, she will be lowered into the Mystic River up to a draft of six or seven feet. While this won’t float the vessel, it will begin the process of wetting the hull to swell seams and caulking. Well over 50% of the scaffolding, which surrounded the Morgan has been removed, especially on the port side, allowing the visitor to admire her lines. Work on the gammon knee in the bow is nearly complete and a towing iron has been placed on the stem. The billet head, which adorns the front of the gammon knee, is being re-gilded with gold leaf and will be in place at launch. In the stern her name has been painted on and the trunk for the rudder is being prepared to permit its reinstallation.

Down below the ‘tween decks have been emptied of stored materials. Scaffolding in the lower hold has been removed. Many of the Morgan‘s new spars have been moved from the parking lot and stored in the mill building. The contractor in charge of systems for the 38th Voyage is wrapping up design work on the electricals. Visitor access to the Morgan will be permitted by a new stair tower being assembled in the main shop and an aluminum gangway.