Planking Continues

As the planking continues, the starboard side is slightly ahead of the port side. It is anticipated that the shutter plank (the last plank) will be located in the port quarter and will be placed late April to early May. Progress in the bow is also evident. The port side cathead has been installed and work commenced on the starboard one. The catheads support the anchors while the ship is underway. Another important component of the bow assembly, the Gammon Knee, is being worked on in the shop. This piece has been recycled and was on the Morgan before. The Gammon Knee defines the upper curve of the bow. It is fastened outside the stem under the bowsprit. The billethead, which is a decorative piece, will then be affixed to the fore end of the Gammon Knee.

Also in the bow work on the hawse pipes will commence shortly. These are large holes in the forward bulwark at deck level. Although they look like an ellipse they are in fact standard circular holes and must be drilled at a precise angle or the vessel could look a bit cross-eyed. In the stern the inner transom above main deck level has been faired and caulked. Work on the exterior transom is progressing well. The outer board is done.

The placement of copper sheathing is complete on both sides of the keel. The bottom of the keel will be sheathed next, but this will require movement of the keel blocks in sequence to permit installation. A team of volunteers continues their yeoman’s work on the topside paint, first stripping and then priming in readiness for the final coat.