Rigging and Ballasting

Over the next few weeks, the focus of the Morgan‘s restoration will be rigging and ballasting. Weather permitting, the bowsprit and lower foremast will be stepped on October 17. Because the crane the riggers are using has limited reach, two weeks later the Morgan will be turned around into the lift dock and the lower main and mizzen stepped. During the stepping process additional ballast will be placed in the hold. As these important milestone dates approach, the foremast lower is ready for painting. The main topmast is complete and the mizzen lower is in the main shed nearing completion. Work on the deadeyes and shrouds, which support the masts, continues apace.

Once this ballasting is completed, an initial incline experiment will be conducted to determine the Morgan‘s center of gravity. This process will be repeated when the rigging is finished.

Also in the lower hold the mounts to hold the engines for the 38th Voyage are in place and the generator has been delivered. A team of volunteers has made great progress in painting the hurricane house and redoing the decking in the mates’ cabins. The top masts and top gallants will be rigged in January or February.