Morgan Restoration

Progress updates on the restoration of the 1841 whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN.

Moving the Morgan

On Monday, June 24, the shipwrights will start the process of moving the Morgan sideways onto the main pad tracks leading to the shiplift.

Shutter Plank to be Installed in Early May

Planking of the hull is nearly finished and seven planks plus the shutter plank remain to be placed. The shutter plank should be installed during the first week of May.

Planking Continues

As the planking continues on the Morgan, the starboard side is slightly ahead of the port side. It is anticipated that the shutter plank (the last plank) will be located in the port quarter and will be placed late April to early May.

Planking the Morgan

100 Days until Launch

Friday, March 1 marks 100 working days until launch. All is on track to meet our schedule for launch this July and sailing the 38th Voyage in 2014.

Morgan transom beam interior

On Target

“The Morgan is on target for a July 21, 2013 launch,” said Quentin Snediker, Director of the Shipyard.

Memphis Zoo’s tiger cages contribute iron

Using iron bar fasteners salvaged from the Memphis Zoo’s tiger cages, the shipwrights will attach the knees by driving the fastener through the knee and then through the adjoining frames. A ring will be placed at each end of the fastener and the ends pounded home to form the rivet.

Zipper Line Complete

Restoration of the zipper line is complete, correcting the less than optimal staggering of the futtocks which make up the framing near the waterline.

Replacing the futtocks in the zipper line

Planking remains on hold while the shipwrights replace the futtocks in the zipper line. This step is necessary to reinforce the Morgan’s framing in anticipation of her 38th Voyage and return to Chubb’s Wharf.