Storm update

A few notes that I made during the recent hurricane. Unfortunately, our server was offline at the time, so these updates come after the fact…


While the real storm surge isn’t expected until tonight, the effects of Sandy are clear around the south end of the Seaport. High tides are at 9:15 am and 9:41 pm. By 7:30 this morning, water was starting to rise to the edge of the dock wall.

The low spot in front of the Galley is usually first to flood since it drains into the river.

The Sabino dock was just about at water level at this time.

By 10:00 this morning, the water level had crested and appeared to be slowly receding.

The Sabino dock was just barely under water

and the flooding area in front of the galley had expanded.

Still, all our preparations were holding up well, and the vessels tied up along the docks were all in great shape.

We’re closed today. Tomorrow we’ll be back in to for cleanup and to better assess the impacts of the storm.