After the storm

We’ve had a bit of weather around here. You may have seen something on the news about it. On Friday, the museum was closed in preparation for the Nemo / Charlotte, but a few of us were around the shop finishing up projects. By 3:30 in was coming down pretty good.



Looking back towards the wood storage sheds across the sawmill


Snow starting to cover the wood piles in front of the paint shop.


I decided to head home about then. Good decision as the governor closed the roads 30 minutes later. By noon the next day, the power was out and there was about 2′ of snow to contend with.

Some hardy souls came in over the weekend, and they did an astounding job of creating access paths to all of the critical areas of the museum. Fire truck access is critical in a museum filled with irreplaceable artifacts.

On Monday morning, we came in to see their handiwork.



There was still a lot of clearing to do, so we all grabbed shovels and set out like the seven dwarfs.


All of the larger vessels needed to be shoveled out and shoveled off. The LA Dunton was coated in a thick layer of snow and ice.

2013-IMG_5322 2013-IMG_5323 2013-IMG_5326

The Morgan’s cover held up remarkably well considering the massive amount of wet, heavy snow piled on it. Even so, strong winds blew quite a bit up and under ridges in the cover.


Knocking snow off of the cover and shoveling off the deck were top priorities. It’s now raining hard, and that will probably freeze up tonight, so we’re all thankful for everyone who plowed and bulldozed to keep our roadways from becoming a 2′ thick ice-encrusted barrier.