After the storm

We’ve had a bit of weather around here. You may have seen something on the news about it. On Friday, the museum was closed in preparation for the Nemo / Charlotte, but a few of us were around the shop finishing up projects. By 3:30 in was coming down pretty good. Looking back towards the […]

A bit of detective work

Here’s a short break from the usual fare to help you train your eyes for the next time you’re around a woodworking shop. Perhaps you’ll see old photos of folks working at a shop, or you’ll come around our shop when people aren’t actively working, and you’ll see piles of wood shavings. If you’re like […]

Topping Out

Around Christmas time, the riggers tie an evergreen up on the foremast of a number of the larger vessels around the seaport. In the construction world, this is called “topping out,” and you can see examples of this on tall buildings under construction.

Storm update

A few notes that I made during the recent hurricane. Unfortunately, our server was offline at the time, so these updates come after the fact… 10/29/12 While the real storm surge isn’t expected until tonight, the effects of Sandy are clear around the south end of the Seaport. High tides are at 9:15 am and […]

Hurricane prep

Seeing as we are right on the water, we’re doing a lot to prep for the hurricane. We don’t expect that much as far as wind goes, but the storm surge is expected to be 3-4′. That’s substantial for us. Over the past few days we’ve been buttoning up the Morgan. She’s shored up very […]

The Sound of Caulking

As you approach the boat these days, you’ll probably hear a kind of rhythmic, chirping, tapping sound. Most likely, that’s the sound of caulkers driving caulking into the seams. Caulkers have a number of specialized tools for their work. The most obvious is the caulking mallet. The head is made of a very hard wood, […]

WoodenBoat show!

We spent the day chatting about the Morgan to the crowds coming in for the WoodenBoat Show. Tom Jackson of WoodenBoat Magazine has organized a number of demonstrations that we’ll be doing for the people coming by. Today was spiling, trunneling, wood-epoxy boat building, and steaming planks. The plank steaming is particularly cool because we […]

Welcome to the Shipwright’s Blog

I’m one of the shipwrights working on the Charles W. Morgan, and I’ll be doing regular updates on the project. If there are things that you want to hear more about, or that aren’t explained clearly… anything at all, drop me a note and I’ll try to cover it. Or visit the Comments page to […]