Opportunities through The Munson Institute

Paul Cuffe Memorial Fellowship

Mystic Seaport Museum invites applications for the annual competition for the Paul Cuffe Memorial Fellowship. Born in 1759 of African American and Native American parents, Paul Cuffe became a sea captain, shipowner, landowner, and respected community leader.  Since 1989, Mystic Seaport Museum’s Paul Cuffe Fellowship has provided funds to researchers from universities, colleges, and museums. The Fellowships are offered to encourage research that considers the participation of Native and African Americans in the nation’s maritime activities. Fellowships support research and writing, a portion of which should normally be carried out in the Mystic area. The awards of up to $2,400 are made possible through the generosity of a local private foundation.

Summer Internship in Museum Studies

This program has been under the aegis of the Munson Institute since 1978 and brings in graduate students from all over the country who are exploring museum careers. Residing in neighboring housing to the Munson’s history students, these interns become a part of the extended Mystic Seaport Museum community while learning about and contributing to the museum’s mission.

NEH Fellowship

National Endowment for the HumanitiesThe Frank C. Munson Institute of American Maritime Studies has been privileged to garner the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) on a regular basis. Periodic NEH Summer Institutes for College and University Faculty change the nature of the Munson summer offering. During NEH summers, faculty members from across the country compete to join the community of learning at Mystic Seaport Museum. There, the Munson Institute with its faculty and expanded list of guest speakers introduce undergraduate educators to “The American Maritime People,” a six-week intensive examination of the maritime experience in this country. Fifteen percent of NEH funded fellowships are set aside for graduate students during each of these special summer offerings.

Alumni Community

Munson Institute staff and alumni

Munson Institute staff and alumni

With a program history that goes back to 1955, the Munson Institute has long served as the seedbed for careers in maritime history and museums. Museum directors, curators and staff, university faculty, researchers, and authors have all attended the Munson Institute. The program is happy to help recent Munson Institute alums connect to that broader community of scholarship and professionalism.

Journals for Publication

Munson Institute faculty also serves on the editorial boards of the several peer-reviewed journals that deal with maritime history and culture. Cuffe Fellows, Munson graduates and researchers are encouraged to submit their final products to Coriolus, The Northern Mariner, or The Nautilus.