Moving Day II

The Charles W. Morgan was rolled out onto the Museum's shiplift on Wednesday, June 25. The Charles W. Morgan was rolled out onto the Museum’s shiplift Wednesday, June 25. With a single forklift and a lot of supervision, the ship’s cradle was carefully nudged about 200 feet onto the center of the lift. The ship now stands in position ready to be launched on July 21.

On Monday, the Shipyard staff shifted the vessel sideways about 40 feet to align her with the tracks leading out onto the lift. That was the first time since late 2008 that the Morgan had moved.

Late Wednesday, she was be partially lowered into the water to allow her planks to soak and expand to close up her seams. At no time will she be allowed to float: that will not happen until the big day in July.

Visitors will be able to board the vessel sometime on Friday once a new gangway has been installed.