Mystic Seaport Joins #HistoryRelevance campaign

Mystic Seaport joins the American Association for State and Local History and more than 100 organizations across the country in support of the importance of teaching and learning history.

As part of the initiative, we invite our visitors to post selfies at their favorite spot at Mystic Seaport with the hashtag #HistoryRelevance.

The AASLH and the 100 organizations endorse the History Relevance Value Statement, which promotes the value of history in American society.

“Mystic Seaport’s role as a maritime museum is to not just tell the stories of the past, but to provide context and perspective so those same stories are relevant to our future,” said Museum President Steve White. “In this particular moment in our nation’s cultural conversation, understanding the past is critical to knowing ourselves and to envisioning the path for a successful future.”

The Value Statement is comprised of seven distinct tenets delineating critical ways the study of history is essential to individuals, communities, and our shared future. The full Value Statement can be found at

History studies create a sense of awareness and identity, cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills, and lay the groundwork for empowered communities. They preserve the past and spark inspiration for the future, said the AASLH in a statement. The Value Statement is endorsed by organizations that promote and encourage a sense of awareness, identity, and interconnectivity in a multicultural world through history-driven courses of study.