Thank you, Members!

During this Thanksgiving season, I extend a hearty “thank you” to each and every one of you….16,500 strong……for being a member of Mystic Seaport! Thank goodness for email, as it would take a long time to see each of you personally! Your membership helps to sustain the institution, and your numbers give us confidence to continue on in our efforts to inspire an enduring connection to the sea. As a result of your membership, you are entitled to all sorts of privileges for a full year, including unlimited access to the Museum grounds and exhibits. But I like to think, and I hope that I’m correct, that your membership is a signal to us that you approve of our work and that you believe that a place like Mystic Seaport must exist for future generations and also deserves a host of strong followers – you. In reality, without your membership (and the revenue it produces), we would struggle to provide the breadth and depth of experience you have come to expect and admire.

This year we seek to increase our membership ranks by 10%. That’s a big number, but it is necessary in order to build a new and increased base of members and followers. These new members must prepare to inherit the charge of preserving the collection, programs, and facilities at Mystic Seaport as you have done. In order to achieve this goal we ask for your help yet again, but I’m confident that you are up to the challenge. Here’s how: this holiday season give the gift of membership to a family member, such as the college junior, the grandchild, or the sailing niece. What other present lasts for a full year, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t require batteries, and is 100% authentic…..and….is affordable?! If 1,600 members each buy just one gift of a membership, we will be will have achieved our goal. So go ahead, buy that friend or loved one a truly unique gift…..and thank you!