Fall is Our Second Summer

As I wrote to you last month, the employees of Mystic Seaport had the opportunity to vote on whether to form a union and affiliate with AFT Connecticut, a teachers union. That election took place on August 17 and the result was 145 to 90 to not join the union. The results have now been certified by the National Labor Relations Board. This was an important step for the Museum, and we are pleased that everyone expressed their voice in such a clear and respectful manner. I would also like to thank all of you – on both sides of the issue – who reached out to us to share your thoughts and support. We will now begin the good work of responding directly to all that we have learned in the process.

Autumn at Mystic SeaportAs I have said before, fall is a second summer for Mystic Seaport. The grounds are just as active and engaged, and we do not disappoint. The September e-Newsletter gives you a sense of just how busy things are! So with two of the finest months of the year ahead of us, we have ample opportunity to fully utilize the campus and the Museum resources for virtually all age groups.

This fall we will add something new and quite special to the Mystic Seaport experience by bringing to the Museum the annual America and the Sea Award Gala, traditionally held in New York City. At the Gala, we present the America and the Sea Award, which recognizes an individual or organization whose contributions to the history, arts, business or sciences of the sea best exemplify the American spirit and character. The Award honors and celebrates those who embrace the scholarship, exploration, adventure, aesthetics, competition and freedom that the sea inspires. Past recipients include Olin Stephens, David McCullough, and Sylvia Earle. Last year’s recipient was John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy. We announced earlier this year that the 2012 recipient will be Jon Wilson and WoodenBoat Publications. Jon is justly credited for being at the heart of the American wooden boat resurgence of the mid-1970s. Because of Jon’s deep connection to the wooden boat community and his affection for Mystic Seaport, we felt it best to hold the event at Mystic Seaport, which will be held on Saturday, October 27. We expect in excess of 300 people to attend the event, and if you wish to purchase tickets for the evening, please be in touch with the Advancement Department. It will be a most memorable event. See you there!


Steve White