Giving Thanks

Mystic Seaport staff preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Mystic Seaport staff preparing for Hurricane Sandy

About a week ago, when contemplating what to share with you for the November e-Newsletter, I thought I’d speak about the shifting seasons and how they impact organizations like Mystic Seaport. The pending and eventual arrival of Hurricane Sandy changed my thinking and plans for this article.

Clearly, Sandy has been an accelerant to the change of seasons at Mystic Seaport from the bustling month of October to the reflective time of early November, when weather can easily be in the 30s one day and in the 60’s the next. I’m glad to report that Sandy’s arrival brought with it impressive winds and surge, but our staff’s response was once again exemplary, and both our campus and our collections were spared significant damage. In fact, some forty hours after the worst of the storm hit we were back open to the public. High water meant infiltration to some of our buildings, particularly along the village from the Chandlery to the Bank, while also impacting Stillman to a minor degree. Buildings with basements around anchor circle experienced some flooding, and some of the older roofs shed some shingles ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, as we welcome November 1st on a beautiful fall day — and with power restored! — we have much to be grateful for. So many of our friends and neighbors in the region did not fare quite as well, and our thoughts and concerns are certainly with them and with you if you were negatively impacted.

So as Thanksgiving approaches, we indeed continue to give thanks for our good fortune and our community. Please show your gratitude for places like Mystic Seaport by paying us a visit this month. And remember, we’re open on Thanksgiving and the day following, and the chef at Latitude 41° Restaurant & Tavern is preparing a memorable New England Thanksgiving buffet in the event you want to leave the cooking to us. Is there a more fulfilling and authentic manner in which to spend those two days than at Mystic Seaport while avoiding the throngs at your local mall? I don’t think so.

See you about the campus,

 Steve White