New for 2012!

WinterWe hope that this issue of the eNewsletter finds all of you still in the afterglow of the holidays, and please accept our best wishes for a vibrant and successful 2012! By and large we say goodbye to 2011 with very few regrets, because as a whole it was a fine year. Were it not for the untimely visit of Tropical Storm Irene, we probably would have had our best summer in years, but as it turned out the storm reduced visitation to a trickle for 10 days, including Labor Day Weekend. The Irene “hangover” impacted this part of Connecticut in a significant way, but we gradually recovered, and a warm November and December provided us with a most favorable uptick in attendance! Additionally, this year’s Lantern Light Tour was a smash hit, giving us one the best seasons in recent history!

Please remember that the Museum’s grounds are closed to visitors, including members, Jan. 2 through Feb. 15. All other Museum functions will be operationing as usual. Please check the announcement in the eNewsletter for the hours for the Store, Latitude 41° Restaurant, and the Café & Bake Shop during this time period. This short-term closure will save the Museum quite a bit of money, largely in heating expenses, and will allow us to do important work around the campus and in exhibits which is difficult to do while we are open to the public.

We are also undergoing a transition in Membership, as we are interviewing for a new Department Director who will lead a new, combined Department of Membership and Volunteer Services. This person will work directly with Rhoda Hopkins Root, who assumes the new title of Associate Director for Volunteer Services. This structural shift in Membership and Volunteerism will allow us to address a number of strategic goals, while also building in greater efficiencies and opportunities for enhanced collaboration. We are most grateful for Cheryl Mattson’s half-decade of service, and wish her all the best with her future plans.

We have many great things planned for the New Year: the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan enters a new phase with the replanking of the exterior hull, a new exhibit, “Treasures from the Collections,” opens at the end of March, and we have all of the great weekend events and educational programs you have come to expect.

We look forward to seeing you in 2012!

Steve White