Thomas Greenman Magnolia tree

Art and the Sea

April is traditionally a season associated with rebirth and beauty, a time of bird song and blooming flowers. Looking at the magnolia tree outside my office window, we are certainly well on our way to all of the joys of spring.

A Great Start

On March 31, we will open “Treasures of the Collections.” This exhibit takes a different perspective: Of the two million artifacts we have accessioned for their historic importance, which ones deserve appreciation for their artistic value?

A Busy Winter

With the help of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, the Museum invited 14 eminent maritime scholars to come to Mystic and help us plan the programming around the vessel’s 38th Voyage® in 2014.

New for 2012!

We hope that this issue of the eNewsletter finds all of you still in the afterglow of the holidays, and please accept our best wishes for a vibrant and successful 2012!