Season’s Greetings!

Happy holidays from Mystic Seaport!

Happy holidays from Mystic Seaport!

I’d like to add my holiday cheer to all our members and friends. While mission statements and expressions of purpose give a formal definition to an organization, it’s often the casual description that wears best like that favorite shirt. With respect to Mystic Seaport, we’re often asked how we’d informally define the Museum, and as we think of this holiday time and read the newsletter, it seems to me the Mystic Seaport is the place where people enjoy coming together to celebrate friendships in the context of a maritime environment. Over the course of a full year, there are countless opportunities for members and families to experience that particular definition. We come here because we enjoy being with the people who come to embrace the breadth of activities and events, the serenity, the engaging projects, and the depth of the collections. We feel at home and welcomed on the grounds because we are invited to participate and because we share the values that have contributed to a strong and meaningful community.

It seems harder these days to find such places and opportunities, but during the holiday times such opportunities abound at Mystic Seaport. It is especially true when we attend something like Lantern Light Tours, and we are reminded of what is core and essential for a fulfilled life. The meaning of the holiday and the talents of our staff are celebrated in a rich and authentic manner, and for a short period of time we reconnect with a genuineness that will hopefully have a lasting impact. It’s perfect for the family; it’s a tradition for so many because it speaks to the spirit of the holidays and makes them just that much more real. Importantly, without preaching it talks to our children and grandchildren about the meaning of the holidays in a manner that is subtle yet tangible. On the way back to the car, a popular refrain must be, “That was good.” We may not have words at that moment for why it was good; we just know it to be good.

Thank you for being friends with each other and with the Museum. We share something very compelling here that gets highlighted during special seasons but celebrated all year long. See you around the grounds…

Steve White