Tell Us What You Think

There are conversations happening about us, all around us. One the things I truly enjoy about my job is that I get to talk and correspond with people of all walks of life about Mystic Seaport.

With all the social media platforms that exist, we hear from visitors, patrons and those who use our resources all the time. Sometimes it’s great feedback; sometimes it’s not. We think it is important to hear both kinds, because while we love knowing when we’ve done a good job, we need to know when we have fallen short so that we can always work to improve.

We hear from the public on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we receive messages via all those platforms plus Snapchat. Visitors can review us on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, the list goes on and on. We have staff from various departments monitoring and responding to comments, questions, feedback, and concerns.

Recently, for example, we received a less-than-positive review of a workshop. It wound its way from our social media manager to the appropriate department head for review and follow up. Often, feedback from social media is the first contact we have with visitors. It’s also how we know we are having an impact, even when it is not a direct message to us.

Recently on Twitter, the National Humanities Center threw out the question: “How have new technologies expanded the possibilities for teaching world history?” One reply came back, “Teachers/professors should take advantage of online manuscripts and show them to students. It will light a fire in someone…” Daire Keogh (@DaireKeogh) the Deputy President of Dublin City University, Ireland, replied, “Exactly. When teaching slavery ,@mysticseaport resources were invaluable. Transformed the programme.”

Reviews on social media also give us insight as to how visitors and members “use” Mystic Seaport. A recent review on our Facebook page said, “One of my favorite places to be! Beautiful grounds and very interesting things to see and do. As a member, I go often even just to walk and enjoy the area!”

In the wake of our annual Educators Appreciation Day – attended by more than 1,300 people – we received this Facebook review: “My family and I had a great time visiting today for Educators Day! We were so impressed by how knowledgeable your staff was! Brian Koehler in the planetarium was absolutely fantastic! He was so enthusiastic and was able to keep all 4 of my kids completely engaged throughout the show! They learned so much about explorers, navigational tools, and the solar system in general! The whole way home they were repeating all they had learned from the show! We will definitely be back!” We can glean so much information about the effectiveness of our Planetarium programs from this one message, it is invaluable to us.

Everything we do at Mystic Seaport is geared toward creating the best possible experience for a multitude of constituencies – tourists, families, young children, teenagers, sailors, landlubbers, teachers, researchers, genealogists, college students, retirees, members, volunteers. Feedback from across different channels helps us check in with what we are doing to make sure it meets our standards and is true to our mission and values.

“I had one of the best jobs ever this PILOTS weekend and learned so much about casks and the job of a cooper both in the cooperage and on a whaling ship. Thanks to Sam for being a great teacher as well as Mike in the cooperage. I can’t wait for spring PILOTS!” – Ardrey Manning, volunteer.

So, please do not hesitate to let us know how we are doing—good or bad. We want to know and we enjoy the conversation.
Steve White