Iceboating: Fly Like a Bird

“An ice-yacht flits about like a swallow, skimming over the river with the speed and grace of a bird. She is better than a bird, for she takes you along in her flight and gives you the triumph of the wing, as she sweeps, and swings, and trembles on through space. Mount this wayward flyer […]

Outboard “Cheap” Thrills

In the November 1927 issue of Motor Boating, the publication announced “A New Magazine for Outboard Yachtsmen to Be a Regular Feature of Motor Boating Hearafter.” Outboard motors became commercially available in 1905 by the formation of the Waterman Marine Motor Company and in 1908 by Envinrude Motor Company (selling 12 outboards on hand during […]

ISOLA-STELLA: A Unique Craft

Colonel Edward Howland Robinson Green was the son of Hetty Green, the famous miser and richest woman in America also known as “The Witch of Wall Street.” Colonel “Ned” Green, however, was a generous man who was interested in technology and provided the funds for the necessary research. During his years spent at his Round […]

From Cruising to Combat – Irwin Chase

Pictured here is Irwin Chase Sr., the renowned marine architect and Managing Constructor of Elco. The image was made on July 24, 1941, in New London during sea trials. The image was later featured in an article in the January 1946 issue of Motor Boating. The author of the article, Elco sea trial data analyst […]

The Pink Gold Rush

In late 1949, 100 years after the peak of the California Gold Rush, Pink Gold was discovered off the Florida Keys near Dry Tortugus. The “gold” was a grooved variety of shrimp called “pink” shrimp in the industry – scientifically Panaeus duorarum. In early 1950, the first shrimpers arrived in Key West looking to off […]

Dazzle Deception

Camouflage, as seen in nature or man-made, is usually used to “hide” from the view of a predator or an enemy by simulating the surrounding environment. This type of camouflage, however, breaks down when the animal, soldier, or machine begins to move, making it visible. During WWI and to lesser degree in WWII, navies adapted […]

Heli-Bout: Boating George Jetson-Style

Brook Stevens, industrial designer, was responsible for the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, the wide-mouth peanut butter jar, the Miller Brewing logo, and the Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide. “He did everything from cigarette lighters to pavement rippers,” said Gary Wolfe, curator of the Brooks Stevens Gallery of Industrial Design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art Design, in Stevens’ The […]

“Sneak Ability”

“Sneak ability” was one of three vital characteristics of a PT (Patrol Torpedo) boat.

The Uptown Eclipse

Morris Rosenfeld shot the total eclipse of the Sun in New York City on January 24, 1925.