Admiral Byrd’s Cows

For his second expedition (1933-1935), Rear Admiral Richard Byrd brought with him three cows and a milking machine.

The Mascots

Gar Wood and the story of his two teddy bears.

Orlo III : A Mystic Sea Sled

Since the 1600s Mystic, Connecticut has been known for its shipbuilding industry, however many do not know that it was also at the forefront of constructing fast motor boats. The Sea Sled was constructed by the Sea Sled Company in West Mystic and Groton. Albert Hickman, a Canadian and 1899 graduate of Harvard, became fascinated […]

Dreamboat: The Evinrude Lark

American industrial designer Brook Stevens created a furor in the boating world when he unveiled his new design for Evinrude in 1956.

The Highball Express

The Aeromarine Navy-Cruiser was “A large, perfectly appointed aerial yacht for weekend parties, off-shore trips and long flights along the coast.”

Books Afloat

It was a boat with books that profoundly influenced the life of Nathaniel Bowditch – the self-educated astronomer famous for The New American Practical Navigator (aka “Bowditch”) first published in 1802.

Iceboating: Fly Like a Bird

“An ice-yacht flits about like a swallow, skimming over the river with the speed and grace of a bird. She is better than a bird, for she takes you along in her flight and gives you the triumph of the wing, as she sweeps, and swings, and trembles on through space. Mount this wayward flyer […]

Outboard “Cheap” Thrills

In the November 1927 issue of Motor Boating, the publication announced “A New Magazine for Outboard Yachtsmen to Be a Regular Feature of Motor Boating Hearafter.” Outboard motors became commercially available in 1905 by the formation of the Waterman Marine Motor Company and in 1908 by Envinrude Motor Company (selling 12 outboards on hand during […]

ISOLA-STELLA: A Unique Craft

Colonel Edward Howland Robinson Green was the son of Hetty Green, the famous miser and richest woman in America also known as “The Witch of Wall Street.” Colonel “Ned” Green, however, was a generous man who was interested in technology and provided the funds for the necessary research. During his years spent at his Round […]

From Cruising to Combat – Irwin Chase

Pictured here is Irwin Chase Sr., the renowned marine architect and Managing Constructor of Elco. The image was made on July 24, 1941, in New London during sea trials. The image was later featured in an article in the January 1946 issue of Motor Boating. The author of the article, Elco sea trial data analyst […]