Pilot House Work

Let’s look at Sabino’s pilot house for a bit. Here it is just before being removed in December 2014.

Since then, the pilot house has been stored in the big red shed near our main shop while we focused on hull repairs.

Out of sight was not out of mind, however. Mark spent a lot of time carefully working on her doors and other brightwork.

You can see that the walls are looking a little tired here.  He’s been carefully sanding them in preparation for varnish.

The windows were all removed for refinishing and repair while the exterior was sanded and painted.

After Sabino went back in the water, both the canopy and pilot house were relocated to the main shop. At that point, Trev, Ann and others could really focus their attentions on the pilot house. Structurally, it’s in great shape, but the top needed some work. First, the canvas was stripped off,

and then the covering boards that held down the canvas borders were removed. The cypress deck was stripped and repainted in preparation for recanvassing.

We’re using Sunbrella fabric in place of traditional canvas. Sunbrella is used for awnings, and has excellent UV resistance and durability to the elements. We bed it in thinned Phenoseal. We owe a big Thank You to Andy Giblin and the team at MP&G for his guidance in using these materials. With the new covering boards on, the top is clean and tight.

The canvas is then painted the same shade of yellow found throughout the boat. The covering boards are currently primed white, but should eventually be painted that same shade of yellow.  Doug, the head of the paint shop, consults with Noah on finish painting the covering boards.

Noah put on the final outer coats of paint, and followed up with sealing any small gaps between the siding and trim. Very careful, exacting work there.

The interior has been completely revarnished as well, and it looks amazing.