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Spider flowers in bloom by the Charles W. Morgan

Throughout the Museum’s 19 acres you will find a diverse collection of gardens, trees, and shrubs. Our gardens contain hundreds of different varieties of plants which accentuate the beauty and historical context of the Mystic River, ships, and 19th-century village. Trees, shrubs, and gardens are labeled indicating both the common and botanical name.

The gardens are educational tools to create interest in plants and gardening. Likewise, the gardens are designed to motivate and excite visitors about horticultural history and our heritage as New England gardeners.

Mystic Seaport has re-created two 19th-century gardens, the Burrows House garden and the Buckingham-Hall House garden, that portray the social order, economy, and cultural pursuits brought about by the Industrial Age. Most plants used are heirloom varieties, many of which are popular today. In addition, the Museum has a Children’s Zoo garden that features plants with fun names like elephant ears to appeal to future gardeners.