Support the Morgan

The Charles W. Morgan at Chubb's Wharf

The Charles W. Morgan was launched in 1841 and sailed for 80 years. Today she remains the last wooden whaleship in the world and an icon of America’s seafaring history. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough said, “The story of the American whaling industry, which the Morgan so powerfully represents, is a rousing chapter in American history. She is emblematic of a vastly larger story and her restoration will enable Mystic Seaport to continue telling this story for years into the future.”

Since the whaleship arrived at Mystic Seaport in November 1941 more than 20 million visitors have walked her deck and experienced American maritime heritage in a unique and personal way. With your support, the Morgan can continue to educate and serve future generations as a vessel of lifelong learning.

Your support will also ensure that the restored Morgan will sail once more on her 38th Voyage in the late spring of 2014 to historic ports in New England. Restoring and sailing the whaleship is a full expression of Mystic Seaport’s dual responsibilities of stewardship and education, unmistakably demonstrating the institution’s leadership in the Museum field. This endeavor will preserve the Morgan for future generations and add significantly to the historic record through unprecedented research and documentation.