Thomas B. Crowley Jr.: 2008

Chairman, President and CEO of Crowley Maritime Corporation

Thomas B. Crowley Jr., Chairman, President and CEO of Crowley Maritime Corporation, was honored with Mystic Seaport’s third annual America and the Sea Award at a gala dinner held at the Rainbow Room in New York City, Wednesday, October 29.

The annual award recognizes an individual or organization whose contributions to the history, arts or sciences of the sea best exemplify the American spirit and character.

“This award honors and celebrates America’s relationship to the sea and the spirit of exploration, adventure, creativity, competition and freedom that inspires us all,” said Mystic Seaport President and Director Douglas Teeson. “Tom Crowley has demonstrated unparalleled professional achievement while guiding Crowley Maritime Corporation into the 21st century. He has expanded upon his father’s and grandfather’s vision, providing both domestic and international patrons with marine transportation services of the highest caliber.”

Crowley began his role as CEO of the family business in 1994 at the age of 27. Under his leadership, the company’s annual revenues have exceeded $1.5 billion and the corporation has become one of the largest United States flag marine transportation companies, the leading container shipping line in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin and the world’s largest tug and barge operator. With corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, FL, the worldwide diversified maritime company has expanded to more than 4,100 employees and operates a fleet numbering more than 210 vessels. Crowley continues to develop the business his grandfather founded in 1892, focusing on the corporation’s expertise on water while also maximizing opportunities for growth in new areas of business.

In fact, the company now has the following lines of business: Puerto Rico/Caribbean Liner Services, Latin America Liner Services, Logistics Services, Petroleum Services, Marine Services and Technical Services. Offered within these operating lines of business are the following services: liner container shipping, logistics, contract towing and transportation; ship assist and escort; energy support; salvage and emergency response; vessel management; vessel construction and naval architecture; government services, and petroleum and chemical transportation, distribution and sales.

Crowley Maritime Corporation’s 116 years of growth and success have facilitated its leadership role within the industry as it relates to corporate social responsibility. In addition to environmental and charitable outreach initiatives, a key area of focus has been education. The company has given tens of thousands of dollars to deserving college students from Alaska to Central America and points in between in the name of Tom’s father, Thomas B. Crowley, Sr., who guided the company to extraordinary heights before passing away in 1994.

In 2002, Crowley established the Crowley Maritime Corporation Scholarship and the Crowley Maritime Corporation Summer Internship, both of which benefit students attending the Williams-Mystic Program at Mystic Seaport who demonstrate superior academic performance and financial need. Each fall, Crowley hosts the Williams-Mystic students onboard one of his ocean-going tugs in San Francisco Bay. Every spring, he provides students with a seminar tour of the Seattle harbor.