Welcome to one of the world’s coolest classrooms.

Many people know Mystic Seaport Museum as one of Connecticut’s most popular tourist destinations, full of one-of-a-kind sights, activities, and attractions.

But what fewer people might know is that the Museum also offers many unique educational programs for everyone from children and teenagers to grad students and grandmothers. Already when the Museum was founded on Christmas Day in 1929, the three founders had the intention to make the institution spread the word on the nation’s maritime heritage. Something the Museum is still doing today. Since the Museum’s Educational Department was established in 1946, school groups, scouts groups, university students, youths, adults, and retirees – yes, all ages – have taken courses and classes in all things “maritime.”

Come to Mystic Seaport Museum! Get a degree. Take a field trip. Build a boat. Learn to sail (in a 9-foot Dyer Dhow or the 61-foot schooner Brilliant). Take an open-heart cooking class or a class in blacksmithing, printing, baking, music, navigation, and much more. The IQ-enhancing choices are endless. Best of all, they’re extremely fun.