Seaport Village

Explore our 19th-century seafaring village located along the historic Mystic River.

Stroll Through a Recreated 19th-Century Seafaring Village

Looking for the latest styles in hoop skirts and haberdashery? Stroll through our recreated 19th-century seafaring village, comprised up of dozens of real New England buildings staffed with historians, musicians, storytellers and craftspeople who bring our seafaring past to life.

The buildings you see aren’t replications–they’re trade shops and businesses from the 1800s that were transported to Mystic Seaport from locations around New England. The village is made up of many bustling maritime trades, from shipsmiths and coopers to woodcarvers and riggers.

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride, interact with folks from 1876, and stroll through re-created 19th-century gardens. Watch a shipsmith at work, see a ship carver demonstrate his craft and listen as chanteymen perform music of the sea. Discover how America’s maritime past has shaped life today.