College and Graduate Programs

In the Williams-Mystic program you'll see America in a way that you probably never have before: by traveling on three intimate, intense, and extended field seminars along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf Coasts.

“Higher education” takes on new meaning atop a 60-foot mast.

Mystic Seaport Museum is renowned in academia for the innovative Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program – the only undergraduate semester of study taught at a museum. But that doesn’t begin to describe the experience. Students in the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program spend time studying mankind’s relationship with the sea in the field – on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and from onboard a fully rigged sailing ship.

Graduate students have a school of their own in the Munson Institute, which includes its own extensive courses and hands-on experiences. Mystic Seaport Museum also offers many summer internships that allow students to immerse themselves in many areas of the museum, from archives and curatorial to communications and costuming. Many fellowships and research positions are also available.