Planetarium Programs

PlanetariumPlanetarium visits complement any Mystic Seaport tour. For thousands of years, navigators used the heavenly bodies to determine their vessels’ positions at sea. Our Treworgy Planetarium programs illustrate the night sky for students, while providing an in-depth look at navigation and astronomy. In addition to the topics listed below, the staff in the Planetarium would be happy to design a customized program for your class to support your curriculum or interests. We also tailor programs to the needs of Scout groups. To discuss program possibilities, call 860.572.5302, ext. 5151 or email

New! Stars of the Vikings

Experience a new perspective on some familiar star shapes, as we examine the constellations seen by the Vikings while hearing some of the legends associated with these ancient seafarers.

The Morgan’s Guiding Stars

What did the night sky look like to whalers aboard the Charles W. Morgan? Find out as we use excerpts from the vessel’s logbooks to display the night sky views at various dates, times, latitudes, and longitudes of her storied history.

Zoo in the Sky

Using stories of the animals of the night sky, we take you on a journey among the stars under the planetarium dome. Please note that this program is designed for grades Pre-K–3.

Finding Our Way by the Sun and Stars

Introduce the ancient art of celestial navigation to your class. Students learn how to determine direction, latitude, and longitude by the position of the sun and stars.

Stars of a Voyage to Freedom (Amistad)

Experience the changes in the night sky as seen by the Amistad Africans on their return trip to Sierra Leone. Using celestial navigation, students discover how latitude can be determined by using key stars and constellations.

Stars and Constellations of the Current Season’s Sky

Discover the beauty of the dark night sky that has inspired poets and guided mariners. Learn how to find the principal stars and constellations as well as a story or two about them.