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Nikki McClure: Life in Balance

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Artwork by Nikki McClure

In the C.D. Mallory Building

Through June 10, 2018

When the Thompson Exhibition Building opened in September 2016 visitors were greeted by a dramatic black and white mural in the Pilalas Reception Lobby, spanning the full width of the building. The 15×60-foot mural, portraying a boater’s moment of contact with the water, is the work of Nikki McClure, who has built a reputation as one of the leading artists in the world working with cut paper. This new exhibition in the C. D. Mallory Building devoted exclusively to her work. Titled “Life in Balance: The Art of Nikki McClure”, the show will pull together dozens of original works, each made by cutting a single black piece of paper with an X-ACTO knife, as well as supporting materials and video. The papercuts represent McClure’s singular vision of life at the edge of the Salish Sea in Washington State, and feature the themes of water, nature, family, and respect for the land. Many will be familiar to readers of McClure’s children’s books, whose striking black and white illustrations have built a national audience for her art.