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Rosenfeld: On Land and On Sea

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A Century of Women in the Rosenfeld Collection

March 4 – September 24, 2017

Professional photographers Morris Rosenfeld and Sons are best known for their stunning images of large racing yachts under sail. But they also captured images of people and everyday events, both off the water and on. “On Land and On Sea: A Century of Women in the Rosenfeld Collection” displays 70 images of ordinary and exceptional girls and women for the first time. From aviators and athletes to telephone operators training and suffragettes on the march in New York City, each photo provides a fascinating glimpse into the social history of 20th-century women as depicted in commercial photography, from young girls having fun messing about on small boats to fashion models and society matrons.

"On Land and On Sea" Book CoverThis exhibition is based on the book of the same name by Margaret Andersen Rosenfeld, who┬áis the Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor of Sociology at the University of Delaware. Drawing on her expertise, the author includes interpretive essays to accompany the images, illuminating the social and historical context that frames the photographs. As the daughter-in-law of Stanley Z. Rosenfeld and an expert on Women’s Studies, she is uniquely situated to present this book showcasing the images of women in the Rosenfeld Collection.

The book is available for purchase in the Museum’s online store.